Lighting Services

Lighting Services

There are many things you can do to change the mood of your reception but nothing beats lighting. Let’s face it, most people want their reception to be something memorable not only for the bride and groom but also for your guests. Even the most beautiful of decorations isn’t going to put your guests in the mood to dance.  Here are some ideas to enhance your reception experience.


As it implies uplighting are lights that shine from the ground up. All of our lights are low profile (Take up very little space) and consists of Red, Green and Blue LED lights.  What this means is that you can put a splash of whatever color you can mix with Red, Green and Blue on your walls to accent or blend with your room colors.  This also allows you to dim down or turn off your overhead lights to set more of a party mood. 

Custom Gobo

Have your name, initials or just about any custom picture shine on either a wall or dance floor.  Truly lends a personal touch to your wedding.

Effect Lighting

With effect lighting you can totally change the face of your venue.  Some effects that are available are:

Water Effects – Great up walls in place of uplights or displayed across the floor or ceiling (Can be in just about any color to compliment your decor)

Cloud Effects – Great when displayed across a large ceiling.

Evening Sky – Ever imagine eating dinner indoors under a star filled sky?  Dancing under the stars?  This effect is truly amazing and will definitely WOW your guests. 

Video of our new light… (Click Below)
Starry Night – 101 Stone Chimney