Finding a wedding DJ – Where do I start?

Finding a wedding DJ – Where do I start?

First of all the most important thing is to start looking early.  A year in advance is always recommended and six months if you’re on a tight schedule. Most of the good DJ’s that do weddings get booked pretty early.
Referrals are always your best place to start.  Ask some friends that have recently been married and see if they had a good experience with a particular DJ. If that is not an option then check with your venue to see who’ve they have worked with and who they might recommend.  Bridal magazines will sometimes have ads for DJ’s and the Web is also a good source these days.
At this point you should have a few names of companies that you’d like to talk to.   Now it’s time to interview them.  Yes, I said it…  Interview them.
I know this is my site but I also realize that I’m not the DJ for everyone.  When you talk to your potential DJ you should find out about their experience, what services they offer and most importantly do you like them? Can you see them at your wedding and as part of your big day?

This is one of the biggest days of your life. Take time to put together your perfect team so, that on the day of your wedding you can relax and focus entirely on the person you’re getting married to and have an amazing time.

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