So what makes all that great music?The gear we use.

QSC K12 - Wedding audio



The K12 by QSC is one of the smallest yet most powerful and versatile speaker on the market. It boasts a huge 1000W of power per speaker. Each speaker is equipped with multiple inputs on the back for mixing down multiple sources right on the speaker itself. The other great feature is the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) on board, that when activated produces a deep level of bass when needed. On the underside there is a neat feature that
tilts the speaker down at a slight angle. Why is that important? It allows us to direct the music onto the dance floor and only on the dance floor. These are black , small and unobtrusive to your event. And if that weren’t enough the sound of these speakers is crystal clear… great vocal and music reproduction!


DJ Wedding Mixer - Pioneer DJM 5000

DJM 5000

The Pioneer DJM 5000 digital mixing console is a revolutionary piece of equipment for the computer based DJ using compressed audio files. This 19″ rack mountable mixer is has a built in professional sound card, Midi control, 4 channel mixing capability and can mix up to 3 microphones. The wonderful feature that is built into this unit is what’s called a BBE Maximizer. Why is this important? Well most music these days comes in MP3 format which what’s known as a compressed and lossy format. The BBE Maximizer gives life back to your compressed music by fattening up the sound a bit creating a richer fuller audio experience.

Wedding Microphone - Shure SLX24 with Beta 58 Handheld

Shure SLX24 with beta 58 Handheld


Shure SLX 24 with Beta 58 Microphones.
Probably one of the best microphones out there for the price. Great for when it is time for all the
toasts and getting out and mingling with the guests.