Hi, I’m Don

Hi, I’m Don

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Hey there – I’m Don. As your friendly owner and founder of Jewell Events, it’s crazy for me to think I was once a shy kid! That period in my life didn’t last very long, as I quickly fell into musical theater and a love of all things entertainment.


For me, I love performing most when I can be that missing piece in making a celebration extraordinary for you – whether it’s providing meaningful music for a wedding ceremony or making sure there’s never an awkward silence on the dance floor.


Before starting Jewell Events in 2010, I did a lot of things in my professional career, everything from serving in the Marine Corps to becoming a trained Salsa and Merengue instructor. These roles continue to shape what I do in my business every day.


When you’re dancing, so much depends on the strength of your partner. I know you have so many decisions to make when you get married or plan an event. I want Jewell Events to be the best partner you could have in that process. I want us to always be supportive, perform well when you need us to, and in the end, put a smile on your face.


Because no matter what the event, for me, that’s what it’s all about.


Well, that and rocking some sweet dance moves.


When he’s not entertaining you, Don Jewell is probably working on an impressive home project with (or for) his wonderful wife, Denise, or spending time with his son, Christopher, and stepson, Jordan.


And yes, you are right. His initials are “DJ.”