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What is this new Meet Us Now button on our website? As a wedding vendor that is constantly trying to improve communications with brides and their families, particularly out of town brides, I saw the need to incorporate a new service to help bridge this gap.BrideLive is a new company that has created a product that connects brides and their vendors in a virtual meeting space. Video, File Sharing, Whiteboard, Video Sharing and Screen Sharing are all a part of this software. You might be asking yourself  “what’s so special?” I have Skype, Facetime or some other software that allows the same kind of videoconferencing.The biggest thing that is so exciting about this new product is that it does not require any kind of software installed (It runs in your web browser) and on top of that there are apps for your Android or IOS devices as well. That is not entirely true. The application does run on Adobe Flash So if you do not have it or it’s out of date you will have to make sure it’s up to date to use the service. No only does the BrideLive application work on pretty much any computer with a browser and internet connection but it gives us the ability to share screens, files, videos and mark up floor plans or anything else with a whiteboard application.Right now we are setup to conference with up to 16 people!  Not that we’ll use them all but it does allow our DJ’s to have multiple meetings going at the same time.

We plan on using this to conference not only with our brides but other vendors involved with our weddings and events as well.

Drop us a line at info@jewellevents.com to schedule a demo (If your a bride or vendor or just curious) or Click on the MeetUsNow button on this post or on the front page of  http://jewellevents.com

We look forward to “Seeing you” soon … Literally!


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